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Sexy Vegan 2024 

Laws designed to END SUFFERING rather than CAUSE SUFFERING.....what is ideal rather than what is currently normal

Establishing a new normal


Current Normal


The New Normal  
if Sexy Vegan is
elected President

Why am I not accepting any campaign donations and why have I decided to be a write-in as opposed to choosing a party or running independent?

The reason I am not accepting any donations is because money should have nothing to do with getting elected.  I would also add that being conventional and conforming also has nothing to do with it. It is about ending world suffering and not about money and conforming. It is about what is ideal rather than what is normal. 

I decided to run as a Write-In because I do not want to waste the paper required to get on the ballots.  If you want to get your name listed on the ballot currently you are required to get around a million physical signatures which wastes a very large amount of paper and I disagree with that. 

Executive Orders I would sign

1. Any intentional Captivity of any innocent living being made illegal effective immediately

No one can ethically argue against this because if you are innocent you deserve to be free and happy.  To say that due to being born a certain way it is ok to cause suffering is no different than being racist because it is dooming someone based off of something that they have no control over and so there is no question it is ethically wrong.  This would include all animal shelters & zoos.  Taking a animal that is free and locking them up in a cage and calling it a "shelter" doesn't make it not wrong because how would you like it if you were free and someone put you in a cage and called it a "shelter" and claimed incorrectly that they were "rescuing" you?  

2. ALL Non Human Animal Testing shall be illegal effective immediately

3. ALL victimless crimes shall be legalized including Drugs, Prostitution & public nudity

Currently in the United States 2/3rds of incarcerated individuals are there due to victimless crimes such as drugs, prostitution, nudity, etc. This costs tax payers in excess of $80 BILLION a year.  That money can immediately end homelessness by allocating those funds to pay owners of current approved infrastructures to house 100% of all current homeless people.  Some critics may disagree with this claiming that it would lessen the motivation of homeless people to join employment but that is not the case because when you are homeless it creates a deficit that makes attaining work much more challenging and even so it is more ethical to use funds to create shelter to alleviate pain rather than cause it like the current prison systems which I want to phase out. It is wrong to build places with the express purpose of torture when that is the problem.  It is much better to break the cycle of torture and stop building systems designed to oppress.  If people could pay in a competitive marketplace to legally have their sexual desires satiated then incidents of rapes would go away.  People who use drugs can know what they are getting and can purchase the drugs legally for much less and still afford to feed their families. Parts of Mexico where Cocaine is legal for example it is only $5 a gram whereas in the USA it is over $50 a gram plus often times diluted.  This would take the power out of the hands of the violent drug cartels.  It is also completely insane that nudity is illegal.  In The Garden of Eden the devil was the one who told Adam & Eve that they were naked and God vehemently disagreed with that and for some reason society has just decided to side with the devil on this issue yet claim that they like God.  There is no reason nudity should be illegal in public.  Making nudity illegal and calling the naked human body "indecent" is actually a direct insult to God who created everyone naked. Seeing another human naked is no more disturbing than seeing an animal naked in public.  This is an example of conditioning that is absolutely not in line with God or nature AT ALL!  Any argument against this is absolutely absurd. 

4. Dog poo bags shall be made illegal plus putting caps on empty water bottles cause these trap insects. Ventilation will be worked into things as to avoid trapping insects and dog poo shall be flushed down the toilet.

It causes a lot of suffering to use dog poo bags because insects are attracted to the poo and then when sealed lose their freedom until they slowly die and also it causes stink in containers in both public where these bags have to be collected people and cause stink in your house and all the way to the landfill where currently billions of these bags are taking up space polluting the environment when if a new normal was established that provided plumbing to dispose of dog poo in public and when you are home just flushing down the toilet it would be much better for everyone and the environment. It is very important that when you finish drinking a beverage to leave the cap off cause a thirty insect who goes in to get something to drink if you put the cap back on when you are done and throw out the bottle loses their freedom until they slowly die and it doesn't benefit you at all to put the cap back on but it is just a habit which is easy to break and on top of that you do not need the cap (think of a retractable pen),you do not need to seal stuff completely to avoid having it go bad plus use of billions of plastic containers is very wasteful and bad for the environment plus people often litter them on the ground so we as a society must continue the trend to reuse rather than waste. Ventilation will be mandated and done in a way which will not hurt anything. 

5. Public Restrooms every so often

These will one person at a time with complete privacy (like individual rooms with a toilet and sink) and there will be multiple at each stop so you don't feel rushed.  

6. Phasing out of Prisons and replacing with a secure form of house arrest 

Prison is about the worst place to put "criminals" together because they learn bad habits from each other and so it is a better idea to put people who violate the new laws in solitary home confinement and have them get life coaching sessions so they can be inspired to improve rather than learn more bad habits which only bring them down

7. No more holding people back based on their past

Currently society makes it more difficult for people with criminal records to attain housing and jobs the legal way because usually if you want an apartment, condo or conventional job they run a background check and if anything comes up they automatically reject you so people with criminal records will often resort to illegal means because the legal way keeps rejecting them.  I will make it so someone who wants to improve is not held back and I will get rid of this arbitrary nonsense. 

8. Everything will be recycled

I am going to phase out landfills and put resources into having everything recycled and make it easy for everyone to recycle. 

9. Texting police on an app will become the norm rather than calling

Remember the days that when you wanted to order something you were forced to call a stranger on the phone to place your order over the phone?  Now, with online ordering and apps such as Amazon with just a few clicks you can make your orders and your info is on the app so you don't have to re-enter it each time. My vision for this app is to have apps for police services and so, for example, if you are in your house and you hear loud music blaring, you are already unjustly being forced to suffer emotional distress from the inconsiderate neighbors loud noise so it is wrong to re-victimize you by forcing you to call the police and when you are in an already emotionally distressed state to be forced to articulate the situation to the dispatcher who might have difficulty hearing you and it is also unpleasant for the dispatcher to have to spend all shift hearing emotionally distressed tone of voices all day.  The app will have sections for different situations, so for example, if you are in bed and all of a sudden you hear blaring loud music instead of having to call the police you can just pick up your phone and click the app and then click like, a standardized section for noise complaint and it will have things to click where you claim the noise is either coming from an exact address or that you hear it from your address and if the second is checked you click submit and your address is already in the app and so with a few fast clicks you can go back to sleep and then the police will have the information to drive by your house and ascertain where the noise is coming from and resolve the issue and the app will have a "check status" feature where it will soon say "report received", "police dispatched out" and then the status of the police findings and the officer and badge number who responded. So, this feature will take the awkwardness out of resolving already situations that are already unpleasant to begin with without adding more distress to an already disturbing situation and it will make it easier to relay information plus it will greatly reduce the post traumatic stress that dispatchers most likely experience having to hear the anxiety in the voice of the individuals calling  in that can haunt the operator and cause nightmares.  Plus, if there are dangerous people around then being able to report something without them hearing or knowing might prevent them from retaliating violently against the person and hurting them.

10. I will ban Wikipedia

Anyone can edit Wikipedia and it comes up prominently in searches so it creates the illusion of being trustworthy when it really is vulnerable to inaccuracies and it empowers haters to libel someone they dislike.

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