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I am trying to get Brittany Zamora 's 20 year sentence  in front of the Arizona Board for Executive Clemency for commutation  and/or appealed on the grounds that it is an 8th amendment violation and that she had ineffective assistance of counsel. I am also trying to convince the DA in Goodyear, AZ to build and case and file charges against the stepparents for criminal extortion and have them arrested and restitution from the extorted funds returned to Daniel Zamora. If you are a prominent, confident and assertive appeals lawyer or with media and want to help me right this injustice then please email me. I want to get a lawyer pro hac vice to represent this case for the publicity it would bring as well as the karma cause it is a famous case and I want to rewrite the narrative. In Brittany's plea deal there is a clause where she agreed that she knew her rights and an appeals waiver but I want to have it voided on the grounds that she "thought" she knew her rights at the time but she later discovered that she did not due to the fact that her lawyer at the time failed to explain them correctly to her and that the trial was flawed and Brittany never got a fair trial due to ineffective assistance of counsel and defamatory and inaccurate media coverage and narratives. The alleged victims step parents extorted Brittany's ex husband for money threatening to get him in trouble for violating a non existant good samaritan law which is criminal extortion.  I have been communicating with Brittany and I attached some screenshots of exchanged emessages below. The Dangerous Crimes against children and similiar hysterical statutes and laws on the books are politically motivated and gross constitutional violations in of themselves and I would like to see a constitutional challenge against them cause there is no place for such non sense in society. The alleged victims step parents are grotesquely vile and hideous ugly on both the inside and outside, they are evil, ignorant, greedy and to call them cancers on society is actually offensive to cancer cause they are that despicable and they need to have (through legal means) the god of hand facilitate the karma they deserve for all the hate they have in their ugly hearts. These are BAD  people and forces of evil and good need to win out over them.