ON 10/02/17 MY SEMINAL APPEARANCE ON DR. PHIL AIRED NATIONALLY. My 2nd Dr. PhiL appearance aired Friday March 2nd. Plus on Monday Jan 29th (Oprah's birthday) Dr. PhiL posted a picture with me & him on his instagram! Plus on the update Dr. PhiL hired me to write a blog for his website which I attached the small part of it that was on there but full 19 page article is on this site titled "Establish a New Normal". Plus out of over 18,000 guests he has had over the years only 7 have solo spots on The Dr. Phil Show's youtube playlist.  Me, Danielle Bregoli, Nicolette Grey, Demi Lovato, Sinead O'connor, Mischa Barton & Aaron Hernandez's fiancé. I am usually listed in lists of Top Dr. Phil episodes if the list was created after mine aired. The list below is the intro & my section of Her Campus' list of Top 7 Dr PhiL Guests.