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This WEBSITE is the ONLY social media I post to so I can have COMPLETE CONTROL and I released 5 unique hypersexual music albums (77 tracks) myself and own all the rights to them. More about me is below.


5 Unique Hypersexual music albums released (77 tracks)


Sexy Vegan is my email and reserved for important emails only not pointless ones

I do not post on any social media except this website so I can have complete control

I do not grant interviews until I get final edit

Read my imdb bio for a mini bio

The 2024 is a backup plan I want a legal coup d/ etate to restructure the current government sooner, Please do not use dog poo bags cause they are mutually disadvantageous because they trap insects and cause unpleasant odor in both the transient receptable as well as their way to pollute landfills. Inside flush down the toilet or use as fertilizer on the soil.  Plus, do not use plastic bottles but if you do then leave caps off because insects so in cause they are thirsty and when you put the caps back on then throw away that insect is trapped in there and suffers until they slowly die, there is a better way if you listen to me, I notice things that pass others by.. True empathy is not telling other's what they want to hear cause you know it will go over well, true empathy is ending suffering even if people who lack the empathy to understand what you are doing not only don't give you credit for your noble work but insult and call you crazy.. I currently live in an electric house in North Miami by myself and drive an electric car and I will be designing my own social media that will turn Instagram into the next Myspace (make it go out of business) because I will make a social media platform that verifies everyone after you show them your id cause everyone has the right to know who they are talking to and not have their time wasted, plus nothing will be taken down, nudity will be allowed and it will just be transfered to a nude section of the app, plus policies will make sense unlike instagram where if you get hacked the hacker can change the email, it will go by phone instead which instagram doesn't allow with hacking so mine will be hacker proof. 

2024 Policies

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