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Posted on Oprah's birthday in 2018


Pretty kewl how my Federal Election Commission Committee Id begins w/ 007


Sexy Vegan is my email but I prefer instagram direct message videos or voice.  I do not reply to text messages on instagram cause it offends my sensibilities to be typing out and reading texts when videos are better, easier and available. I also do not like "small talk" and prefer to cut to the chase and be upfront and that is why I am alone most the time cause society tends to force you to conform to their worse ways.  SMall talk is for small minds.  I am single and straight and live alone in North Miami Florida so if interested please video me on instagram. 

The Universal Law of Karma is in life's algorithm and it dictates that you reap what you sow (not necessarily in real time or even in this particular known existence). Oprah has contended this and she was the person who established the career of Dr. Phil and she met Dr. Phil when the meat industry was suing her for defamation and Dr. Phil posted me to his social media in 2018 on Oprah's birthday and Oprah told Dr. Oz (who resembles me) that she didn't believe in coincidences cause there are too many.

Please do not use dog poo bags cause they are mutually disadvantageous because they trap insects and cause unpleasant odor in both the transient receptacle as well as their way to pollute landfills. Please flush down the toilet or use as fertilizer on the soil.  Plus, do not use single-use intended plastic bottles but if you do then leave caps off because insects go in cause they are thirsty and when you put the caps back on then throw away that insect is trapped in there and suffers until they slowly die, there is a better way if you listen to me, I notice things that pass others by.. True empathy is not telling other's what they want to hear cause you know it will go over well, true empathy is ending suffering even if people who lack the empathy to understand what you are doing not only don't give you credit for your noble work but insult and call you crazy.. I currently live in an electric house and own an electric car. I do NOT drink, smoke or use any illicit drugs and I recycle everything.

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