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I have lots of Noble and Innovative ideas that if implemented could make a lot of money for an investor with ample resources and also make the world a better place and these involve some that would generate both ample private section as well as government contracts and include recycling ideas that would make it fun to recycle and even have kiosks around that would have a window and would shred items on the spot as well as an app where people could use it and have their items picked up and recycled and like I said earlier win over government contracts as well and I would have this under the "Karma Sexy Cinderella" brand I wish to form but need help with basically the Crassius to my Julius Ceasar (an investor with the resources to see my vision and want to use their resources to not only grow their own but attain good Karma which many believe is the currency in the next life.  Plus I want to also use this as an umbrella Karmaeic solutions brand to change the way shipping labels are made making them print instead of stickers...print and scan.  

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