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The Utopian Vision


Mission Statement: The prevention and ending of most preventable and endable suffering (which is extremely substantial)  Not only is this easily doable w/the establishment of a new normal but actually current status quo that causes the bulk of this is not benefitting anyone and even often times is a detriment in addition to causing needless agony and suffering.  


Examples: Single use beverage bottles and bags that trap insects cause they go in to drink and then the cap goes on which trapped them and then get littered which is unpleasant for the ambiance of society.  


Dog Poo bags are bad for environment to make and insects go on poo and then get trapped in bag and there is stink in trash and billions of dog poo bags in landfills.  Flushing the poo down the toilet instead there is no stink in the trash or use as fertilizer on the ground 

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